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Yore Yourself Challenge: Recreate old photos at home

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Goulbourn Museum is sharing images of early life in Goulbourn Township and challenging families to use whatever they have in their homes to recreate the photos.

“People are cooped up right now so we’re encouraging them to have a little fun with history by reinventing pictures of the past,” says Museum Manager and Exhibitions Curator, Tracey Donaldson. “We’re calling it the Yore Yourself Challenge.”

The photos depict residents of Goulbourn Township from as far back as the 1800s.

“Once you’ve chosen a picture, use your imagination to recreate the scene by using the people, props and pets you have at home,” says Donaldson. “We’re excited to see some modern interpretations of these photos.”

Click on the thumbnails below to take a closer look at the photos and find the perfect one to replicate. To keep the challenge going, a new series of photos will be added each week.

Participants can share their masterpieces (in either colour or black-and-white) on social media with the hashtag #YoreYourselfChallenge, and tag the Museum. Photos can also be emailed to Submissions will be compiled into a gallery that can be viewed on the Museum’s website and social media.

Have fun!

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