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Goulbourn Museum is committed to creating fun, interactive and educational exhibits.

The Village General Store is an interactive, hands on exhibit. Fill a basket, don a costume and checkout at an old-fashioned cash register!

All the Woods & Waters summarizes the settlement of Goulbourn by the soldiers of the 100th Regiment of Foot. See the 20 items they were given to farm their land, build a house and start their new lives in Canada. Read an original land deed and explore a large copy of Belden’s Map of Goulbourn modified with current streets and names. Stand in the shoes of these soldier settlers, face pioneering challenges and leave your mark on the map.

Scorched is our newest exhibit which tells the story of the Great Fire of 1870. This fire was a  devastating natural disaster that started somewhere near Almonte, and travelled all the way through Ottawa and over the river into Gatineau from August 17th to 18th, 1870. Learn how the fire changed the landscape, and how the people rebuilt in its wake.

We are currently in the process of establishing a community research library- stay tuned!

We are passionate about bringing our exhibits into the community to reach people across the former township. To find out more about our traveling exhibits email

Goulbourn Museum

Goulbourn Museum