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I am researching my family tree and found ties to the former Goulbourn Township. How can I get more information?

All of the genealogical files for the former Goulbourn Township belong to the Goulbourn Township Historical Society (GTHS) and are accessible, for free, at both the Stittsville Branch of the Ottawa Public Library and the Richmond Branch of the Ottawa Public Library. Simply ask someone at the main desk to help you.


How can I make a research appointment?

Please call 613-831-2393 or email: to schedule a time. The cost is $25 per hour-long assisted research appointment. We will ask you to provide the subject or family name you are researching, check to ensure we have something you are looking for, and then set up an appointment with you.


What is Goulbourn Township?

The Museum’s mandate is to preserve and share the history of the former Goulbourn Township. The Township was a division of Carleton County, and became a part of the City of Ottawa during amalgamation in 2001. The communities within the former Township include Stittsville, Richmond, Ashton and Munster, as well as Hazeldean, Glen Cairn, Mansfield, Stapledon and Dwyer Hill.

Geographically, the northern border follows east-west between McArton Road, Rothburn Road and Maple Grove; the eastern border runs along Eagleson Road; the southern border starts at Goodstown Road and runs west to the corner of Beckwith Boundary Road and Ashton Station Road; and the western border follows Ashton Station Road. Confused? Download a copy of the 1879 map from Belden’s Atlas .


What is the history of the Museum building?

Built in 1872, the building currently known as the Goulbourn Museum used to be the old Town Hall. Despite being the size of a one-room school house this popular community hub was home to council meetings, parties and dances. The adjacent History Centre building was built in 1961 and was the former Clerks building. Now it is used to store the artefact collection, as office space, and to hold meetings and research appointments.


How can I make a donation to the Goulbourn Museum?

Thank you for considering the Goulbourn Museum a worthwhile recipient of your donation. It’s your support that makes it possible to fulfill our mandate: preserving and sharing Goulbourn’s heritage – our heritage. Goulbourn Museum is a Registered Charity, and donations can be made online  or by completing a Museum Donation Form and returning it to the Museum by mail with a cheque, or in person with cash or a cheque. Donations of $10 or more will automatically receive a tax receipt before the next tax season.


How is the money I donate used?

Your support helps us preserve and share the story of Ottawa’s Oldest Military Settlement by:

  • Creating new and vibrant exhibits
  • Developing lively educational programs and workshops
  • Protecting our community’s valuable artefacts. To date, the Goulbourn Museum has over 9,000 artefacts in its collection


I’d like to donate an artefact, what is the process?

Thank you for trusting the Goulbourn Museum with your treasures. There are several considerations when making or accepting a donation:

  • Does it fit within our mandate?
  • Does it fit within our Collections Policy?
  • Do we already have one of these?
  • Will it fit in our limited storage space?
  • Is it something that can be used in a program or exhibition?
  • Will we be able to properly care for it?

Please call the Museum or email to discuss your options.


What happens to our family heirlooms after we donate them?

After the paperwork is complete and your family heirlooms become artefacts in the Goulbourn Museum collection, a trained staff member begins carefully documenting them. We start by giving each artefact an identification number and track the number on both the artefact and paperwork. Next, we write a description of the artefact, note the measurements, take photographs, and add all information to the database. We record the materials, date of manufacture, date of use, and any known history. Once the documentation is complete, we determine the safest way to preserve the artefact for generations to come


I’d like to volunteer at the Museum. What kind of volunteer opportunities do you have?

Whether you like local history or want to improve your resume with some volunteer work, we have opportunities in the following areas:

  • Collections / Accessioning
  • Genealogical / Local history research
  • Historical re-enactor at special events
  • Marketing, Fundraising, Administration
  • Assisting at community events
  • Assisting at craft events for children
  • Landscaping / Outside maintenance

To apply, fill out our Volunteer Application Form and return it to the Museum via email ( or call us at 613-831-2393 and arrange to drop it off in person.


I need to complete my volunteer hours for high school. Can I volunteer at the Museum?

Absolutely! We are always looking volunteers! Please fill out our Volunteer Application Form and indicate your areas of interest. We have the most need for volunteers at our annual Father’s Day event, Old-Fashioned Christmas in December, and our monthly Family Craft Days. If you would like more information please feel free to contact us by email or call 613-831-2393.


What activities do you offer for children?

Our monthly Family Craft Days are a popular and affordable activity for children ages 4-11. There is a different theme each month and children are encouraged to dress according to the theme. The cost is $4 per child. Registration is required and parents must stay with their children.


Do you offer programming for youth?

We certainly do! For community groups such as Scouts, Girl Guides & home-school students, we offer an interactive & hands-on artefact discussion, a craft and an assortment of games & activities. Youth programs cost $4.00 per participant. Call 613-831-2393 or email for more information.


Would you come to my school?

Yes! Costumed interpreters are happy to make classroom presentations and offer an interactive and hands-on artefact discussion. We will also play our popular artefact memory game and, if time permits, let a lucky few try on clothing from the pioneer days.

Call 613-831-2393 or email  for more information.


How much do you charge for classroom presentations?

The Museum does not charge schools for classroom presentations. Yes, you read that correctly – classroom presentations are free!


Do you offer programming for seniors?

Absolutely. Programs are offered at the Museum as well as offsite in seniors’ centres and community centres. Programs include a historical presentation and a hands-on artefact discussion that allows participants to examine the artefacts & share personal experiences.
We do not charge for seniors’ programs but if you come to the Museum, an optional tea service and snack is available for $4.00 per participant.


How can I apply to be a vendor in your Old-Fashioned Christmas & Outdoor Artisan Market?

Every fall the Museum begins accepting vendor applications for its Old-Fashioned Christmas & Outdoor Artisan Market. Information on how to apply will be posted on our website at the beginning of September. The event is juried and successful vendors must make and sell their own handmade goods. For more information you can email

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