Over the past two years the Goulbourn Museum has made significant changes to its collections policy to be more inclusive. We recently formed a Collections Working Group (CWG) to guide decisions about which artefacts we accept into the Museum’s collections. 

We are currently recruiting volunteers for this group to assess artefact donations. Members will vote to ensure that what we are collecting represents diverse perspectives and that the stories preserved by the Museum are representative of the community.

 The CWG will consist of a pool of volunteers (a maximum of 20). Only five are needed to conduct each meeting making the time commitment quite flexible. The first five to respond to the proposed meeting date will be booked to attend. Meetings take place once a month to start but sessions may vary based on the number of artefacts needing to be assessed. Meeting times will be scheduled to accommodate the availability of volunteers and may be held in person at the Museum, or via Zoom.

Who are we looking for? Volunteers will include:

Individuals who have a connection to Goulbourn Township and knowledge of the area (Stittsville, Richmond, Munster, Ashton)

Individuals who have lived experience with communities that have been historically underrepresented in cultural institutions (for ex. Indigenous communities, people of colour, persons with disabilities, etc.)

Individuals who have an interest in the future development of Goulbourn Museum’s collection

For more information about the CWG or to apply online, please visit: https://goulbournmuseum.ca/collections-working-group/ 

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