Site Closure Extended to June

Due to the storm in April and some unforeseen renovation issues, the site closure is expected to extend throughout the entire month of May. Although the site might be closed, things have been incredibly busy behind the scenes- check out what we’ve been up to!

The Museum as we began closure preparations!

The Museum with work underway- check out our new drop vents!


Construction work kicks up a lot of pollutants, from dust all the way down to particles which are microscopic in size. These are dangerous to artefacts because they can absorb chemicals produced during construction- some of which are acidic! If these land on, or get inside an artefact they can cause irreversible damage over time. 

To prevent this, we had to safely store every single artefact in the Museum! During this process each and every artefact in the Museum was documented, photographed, and moved to a safe storage area. Over 170 objects were processed in the move!

Construction So Far

The Museum now has drop vents and a new HVAC unit in the attic which will filter and circulate air. This will remove pollution, protect the artefacts, and ensure you’re breathing fresh air every visit! This also comes with environmental controls which are far more precise- a cause for celebration in collections!

The attic also yielded some unanticipated discoveries! During the installation of the HVAC unit, it was discovered that the insulation in the ceiling was far from ideal. This required extensive retrofitting, which, although it resulted in renovation delays, is another fantastic step towards perfectly moderating the Museum environment.

An Unanticipated Artefact

During the attic renovations, a mysterious artefact of unknown provenance was discovered!

Workers uncovered this package of Wrigley’s P.K. Peppermint Gum which has lain undisturbed up there for an unknown period of time. This pack has to be at least over 50 years old as the P.K. brand was discontinued in the 1970’s! It’s probably older than the 1930’s though, due to the appearance of the package. If you remember chewing some gum up in the Township Hall attic, we would love to know!

(You’re not in trouble, we promise!)

Over in the History Centre the office areas are also nearing completion. A brand new layout, floors, HVAC unit, and a fresh coat of paint complete the refresh! Now to put things back together!

What’s to Come

As construction finishes up, the process of re-assembly begins; however, many of the 170 artefacts that were on display in the Museum can’t just be put back in!

This is because some artefacts need to rest in total darkness after being on display for an extended period of time. You might’ve noticed that signs left out in the sun fade over time, as do objects made from wood and most fabrics. This is because light is energy, and when it hits certain materials like paint which are unstable on a molecular level, it imparts some of its energy to starting chemical reactions inside the object which are destructive in nature! Essentially, the light energy is breaking apart the artefact from the sub-atomic level!!! These reactions will continue until they are removed from that source of energy, light, for an extended period of time.

As a result, we are taking this opportunity to refresh the layout of the Museum and exhibits!

Unfortunately this does mean that we will be closed for the month of May- however you can look forwards to a freshly revamped Museum experience come June! We will be busy behind the scenes getting ready for that day- we can’t wait to see you all!