They say a picture is worth a thousand words but there are some historic photos in the Museum’s collection that aren’t talking.  We have school photos, pictures of sports teams, and other group shots that contain the beautiful, smiling faces of Goulbourn residents but we don’t know who they are. We would love to put some names to those faces! Starting this month, we’re launching a newsletter segment called Photographic Memory in hopes of crowdsourcing information to find out who’s who. We’ll share a photo along with a reference image (below) and if you can positively ID someone send us their name and corresponding number.

This month’s Photographic Memory (below) dates back to 1959 and was taken at a Women’s Institute Public Speaking Contest in Goulbourn Township. We know the names of two of the students: Sharon Hunt (far right) was the winner of the Women’s Institute Shield and Frankie Sample (centre) is holding the Greg Black Trophy. Can you help us identify any of the other students in this photo? Email us at: [email protected]