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What’s in a Name: A Transparent Look at Sir Henry Goulburn and Slavery

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If you watch the video above, please fill out this follow-up survey.

Last night, Goulbourn Museum hosted a live discussion on Goulbourn Township’s namesake, Sir Henry Goulburn. This discussion was recorded and can now be watched on our YouTube!

For more information on this event, please click HERE.

What’s in a Name: Synopsis & Annotated Bibliography

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Tomorrow, Goulbourn Museum is hosting a live information session and community discussion on Sir Henry Goulbourn and slavery. This will be the first in a series of public discussions on the topic, but in order to get this conversation started, we want to share our research and sources. We highly recommend reading our synopsis prior to tomorrow’s discussion. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Click below to view and download:


Annotated bibliography

To learn more about the event or to sign up, click HERE.

Check out our Valentine’s Day Activities!

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My Funny Valentine activity

Celebrate Valentine’s Day and Family Day all in one with these family-friendly activities! Make funny “vinegar valentines” for your loved ones, then try something sweet with a homemade taffy recipe. Check out the program by clicking HERE.

Meet our Program Coordinator: Miriam Tepper!

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We’re welcoming Miriam Tepper to our team as our Program Coordinator!


I am pleased to be joining the Goulbourn Museum as their program coordinator. Everyone is so friendly, helpful, and supportive and I am glad to be working with them. Over the next four months, I look forward to contributing to the museum and the Goulbourn community. Hopefully, the resources and lessons I develop will be enriching and enjoyable for the museum’s participants over the course of next year.

I have an MSc. in museum studies from the University of Leicester and have worked in the museum field since 2018. Since my mother introduced me to museums as a child, I have volunteered at various institutions since I was 12, both in science and heritage. It is exciting to be working with a new museum and learning its history, mandate, and about the community it serves.

I am an avid gardener. I started my own butterfly garden 17 years ago and it has expanded since then. Seventy-four plants grow in it, and 3/4ths are native species. I have also salvaged and maintained gardens that were neglected at other heritage museums. In addition to the butterfly garden, I have worked on herb gardens, ornamental gardens, and vegetable gardens. Local wildflowers are an interest of mine, and I am able to identify and name most of them.

What’s in a Name: A Transparent Look at Sir Henry Goulburn and Slavery

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Do you know the origin behind the names of places you encounter everyday? The names and the history of the people for which places have been named are often forgotten. For many, Goulbourn is one of those names. First established in 1818, Goulbourn Township included the towns of Richmond, Stittsville, Munster, Ashton, and many small hamlets. This area is now amalgamated into the City of Ottawa, but the name Goulbourn is still very present. Goulbourn Middle School, Henry Goulburn Way, and Goulbourn Museum make up some of the present-day bearers of the name in the area.

On February 23rd, Goulbourn Museum will be hosting a live discussion on the Township’s namesake, Sir Henry Goulburn, and how historic naming practices affect people today. We’ve invited experts and community groups to lead the discussion as panelists, including Museum staff and Black History Ottawa.

The discussion will focus on three areas:

  • The history of Sir Henry Goulburn centred around his participation in the Treaty of Ghent, which ended the War of 1812. As well as his involvement in slavery through his ownership of sugar estates such as Amity Hall in Jamaica.
  • Contemporary case studies on how other communities and organizations have approached controversial historic naming practices.
  • Diverse perspectives on how historic naming practices impact today’s community.

Registration Instructions:

Register for the event on our Eventbrite page by clicking HERE.

Upon registration, participants will receive a confirmation email with a link to the meeting through the event page on Eventbrite. You will access the Zoom meeting link through this page. Participants will receive a reminder email prior to the event.

Please note: You must sign into your Eventbrite account to access the event page with Zoom link. If you do not already have an Eventbrite account, simply sign up using the same email address you used to register for tickets.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us at

Meet our Applied Museum Studies Intern: Nicole Gratrix!

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Through a partnership with Algonquin College’s Applied Museum Studies program, we want to welcome Nicole Gratrix to our team!

Nicole Gratrix

I am so excited to be working with the Goulbourn Museum team for my Applied Museum Studies placement. From January until the end of April, I will be working on educational programming projects for the Museum as an intern.

I completed the Visual and Creative Arts program at Sheridan College before changing paths and taking Applied Museum Studies at Algonquin. I love to teach and learn, and I’m fond of history and the arts, so programming was the way to go. I’ve previously worked in interpretation, administration, and education at a few different institutions in the Simcoe-Muskoka area.

Outside of work and school, I do a bit of illustration here and there. Some of my merchandise designs appeared at RuPaul’s DragCon LA in 2018, which was pretty exciting!

Working with the Museum during the pandemic is sure to be a valuable experience full of unique challenges. I look forward to working alongside such a friendly and passionate team, and I can’t wait to see what the next few months have to bring!

Diversity & Inclusion Survey

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At the Goulbourn Museum, we are always looking for ways to improve so we can better serve our community. We are currently working to assess the level of diversity and inclusion in the Museum and we would love to hear from you – our community! Do you think we could do a better job of being diverse and inclusive? Please click here or on the link below to fill out the short 7-9 minute survey (approx. 35 questions). Those who fill out the survey will be able to enter into a raffle for a chance to win 1 of 4 $50 vouchers to a local business – either Royals, Ashton Brewing Company, Quitters or Saunders Farm (one gift card per business, first come first serve)!

If there is anyone you know that would like to participate but may not have the resources to do so please contact us directly via email at and we will do our absolute best to accommodate.

Survey link:

Christmas 2020 in Stittsville

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Here’s some Christmas cheer brought to you by our community here in Stittsville!


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We're Hiring a Program Coordinator

We at Goulbourn Museum are pleased to announce that we’re hiring! We’re seeking a full-time contract Program Coordinator.

Goulbourn Museum seeks a Program Coordinator for the development of an educational program on the theme of heritage gardens. The Program Coordinator is responsible for the creation of a detailed program plan that comprises multiple modules and combines science and technology education, historical interpretation, and experiential learning.

To see the job posting, click HERE.

NEW DATE: Goulbourn Museum AGM – December 17th, 2020

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AGM New Date

We previously had to postpone our AGM and will now be hosting the meeting on December 17th, 2020 at 7:00 PM (EST). And you’re invited to attend! View the Eventbrite page here.

At the AGM, Museum Members will have the chance to:
  • Hear comments from the Chairperson and Manager
  • See a presentation and approval of the Audited Financials for 2019
  • Participate in the appointment of the Auditors for the 2020 financial records
  • Approve of the 2019 AGM Minutes
  • Elect of our Board of Directors
Registered Members will have access to supporting materials in advance of the meeting.


Every member is entitled to vote at a meeting of members. In addition to voting in person, members may vote by appointing in writing a proxy holder.


If you are unable to attend, make your vote count by appointing someone to vote on your behalf. A quorum of majority plus one must be present, either in person, or by proxy, to hold a valid meeting. Please click here to fill out a proxy.

Download the documents for the AGM by clicking here.


Thank you,
For any questions concerning the AGM, please contact Tracey Donaldson, Manager at