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Join us from the comfort of your home and explore our virtual collections! Goulbourn Museum preserves over 9,000 artefacts, as well as a collection of 40,000 objects unearthed during a 2012 archaeological dig. We are making these collections available for interactive viewing online.

As you navigate through each tour, click on or hover over the coloured interactive icons to take a closer look at artefacts from the Museum’s collections, listen to oral history recordings, and enjoy videos, audio clips, colouring sheets, and educational activities. The “Home” and “Return” will navigate you back to the main pages.

For the best experience possible, we recommend participating in a virtual tour with a computer or tablet device with audio enabled.


Children’s Toy Collection

In the virtual tour, you can explore each shelf of our collection from your own home! Our goal was to make this tour as interactive as possible, so you’ll be able to click on the toys to learn more about them, play games, watch videos, and enjoy other exciting activities.

To learn more about this virtual tour from our previous Collections Intern, Elise Anderson, click here.


Archaeology Collection

Take a closer look at some of the archaeological discoveries made during a 2012 excavation conducted in Richmond! The property was granted to George Lyon in 1833 and originally consisted of 200 acres of land. Excavation of the site revealed approximately 40,000 artefacts dating between the 1880s and the 1920s. Explore videos, audio recordings from the site’s archaeologist Paul Thibaudeau, and educational opportunities as you navigate this tour, and learn how you can safely practice archaeology from the comfort of your living room.


Military Collection

Explore 200 years of Canadian military history! With artefacts ranging from the 1800s to Canada’s mission to Afghanistan, this virtual tour showcases letters, military kit, photographs, swords, videos, fun facts, and educational activities. The Museum is honoured to feature Lieutenant-Colonel Gordon Hagar’s audio recordings, where he describes both his extensive military career, including deployments to Bosnia, Rwanda, and Afghanistan, and the personal military artefacts he donated to the museum.


Heritage Driving Tours

Explore our printable driving tour brochures of various heritage sites in Ashton, Munster, Richmond, and Stittsville!


Goulbourn Museum

Goulbourn Museum