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2020 Virtual Lectures


November 2020: The History of Healing Charms with Becky McCoy


Healing charms have been a mainstay of nearly every culture in the world at some point in history, and yet, due to the nature of them requiring a certain amount of secrecy in order to be functional, they are frequently lost to the hands of time and modern life.

However, “charming” in the Ottawa Valley and surrounding area seems to have survived much longer than other places, and was a thriving practice until very recently. Together we will explore some of the beliefs surrounding the practice, its history, and how it came to be here.


OCTOBER 2020: Ghostly Tales of Goulbourn


Museum staff recount some of the horrid hauntings that have occurred in Goulbourn Township, as recorded by S. Bernard Shaw in Ghosts of Goulbourn.



AUGUST 2020: The Great Fire of 1870 and the Making of an Exhibit


On the 150th anniversary of the Great Fire of 1870, the Goulbourn Museum brings you a dynamic discussion on the story of the Fire and how it forever changed the landscape of Carleton County. Join Sarah Holla (Collections Officer) and Tracey Donaldson (Manager and Exhibitions Curator) as they walk us through the events of those fateful days. They also provide a behind-the-scenes look at the process of developing an exhibition and how the Museum is commemorating this event through Scorched: The Great Fire of 1870.



As you’ll hear in the video, our staff worked on a “fire” playlist for this exhibit:

One of my favorite things about creating our exhibit, ‘Scorched,’ was the ‘Fire’ soundtrack Sarah Holla, our Collections Officer, and her husband created for us! Once we were ready to start building, we knew that we’d want music. With that in mind, Sarah took it upon herself to create a playlist with a collection of different artists that featured ‘fire’ in their songs. Since we construct a lot of our exhibits in house, we needed something to build to and keep morale up. Once Sarah started the process, her husband took it upon himself to do a little quality control. Any song that we couldn’t ‘drill to’ didn’t make the cut. Anyways, we ended up with an epic playlist, and we are sharing it here with you today!

Open in Spotify


JULY 2020: The Stittsville Flea Market


Local author and historian, John Curry, takes us on a trip down memory lane as we remember the largest indoor/outdoor market in Canada. This lecture has been recorded and is available for viewing on YouTube:


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