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Canada Day

For hundreds of years, people living in (today’s) Ontario region have gathered together in community. Local Indigenous peoples hosted ceremonies and festivals to mark events such as the changing seasons or strengthening relationships with nearby villages. Within settler communities, neighbours would gather for harvest festivals, barn raisings, and church picnics.

In contemporary times, Canadians usually celebrate Canada Day with large festivals, music events, and firework shows! At the heart of community is spending time with friends and family. This year, Goulbourn Museum has prepared everything you need to celebrate Canada in your own backyard! Food, games, music, trivia and more! Join us from the safety of home for a virtual Canada Day picnic!

Staff Favourites Playlist on Spotify

Staff Favourites Summer Spotify Playlist Hyperlink

Every party is made better by music! Check out our Canada Day Spotify playlist, including recommendations from our Goulbourn Community! Click on the photo above to tune in.




The popular game Trivial Pursuit was invented in 1979, but the sharing of knowledge, stories, and information is age-old! Test our your knowledge of Canadiana with our Kids and Adults Trivia Games!


Pinterest Food Board

Traditionally, picnics or community suppers would have boasted tables crowded with food, including such delicacies as custard pudding, bread rolls, and even “tipsy cake”! Click on the photo above for some 2020 picnic recipe ideas!

For some 19th century cooking, check out Household Recipes of Domestic Cookery by Constance Hart, publishing as A Montreal Lady (Montreal, 1865, Driver Q7.1). Available via Canadiana Online.

Backyard Games

Pinterest Backyard Games Board

Blindman’s Bluff? Leap frog? Four square? These popular games have been played by children in Ontario since the 19th century. Click above to add some fun games and a little family competition to your Canada Day festivities!


Pinterest Crafts Board

Holidays and significant events, such as Royal Tours, were celebrated with the use of decorations such as bunting and flags! Click above to get crafty and add some festive decor to your Canada Day event!

Photo Booth and Zoom Backgrounds

Photo Booth and Zoom Background Hyperlink

Did you know that the first photograph was taken in 1816, it took 8 hours to develop, AND it would fade away? Fast forward 204 years, and have fun with our Zoom backgrounds and photo props! Feel free to share your pictures with us on social media!

Social Media

Our staff are going to share some of their favourite Canada recipes, traditions, and activities on our Instagram and Facebook! You can tag us in a picture of your family’s Canada Day traditions. Share your Canada Day with us by tagging us on your social media posts and using the hashtags #GoulbournMuseumFavourites and #CommunityStrong.

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