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Meet the Artisan: Mud Mitts

Mud Mitts

Mud Mitts: the Wet Pet Wipers were invented when pet owner Janet Sullivan tired of needing a hand to hold a rain-soaked cat, and two hands to wield a towel – one more hand than she possessed. They are made of flannelette with a terry-cloth palm that’s two sided, so you can grasp a wet back/tail/foot with one hand and the other hand is free to hold the wriggler still. When dogs were added to the family, the Mud Mitts became even more useful for wiping muddy feet. A loop was added so they could hang on the leash hooks at the door.

Janet also makes pet quilts in varying sizes, from tiny for a chihuahua’s basket, chair sized with patterns for dogs and cats, to large and extra large for dog beds and dogs that expect half a couch to lie on. These have a warm side of fleece, and a cooler side with cotton, denim or flannelette. I find it easier to have one of these on the preferred chair or bed – it can be whipped off when company arrives, and is simpler to wash.

You’ll find Janet and her Mud Mitts at the Goulbourn Museum’s Old-Fashioned Christmas & Outdoor Artisan Market on Sunday November 22. They make great Christmas gifts for the pet owners in your life!

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