Please join us in welcoming Rebecca Hill-Lamoureux (left) and Georgian Parkes to the Goulbourn Museum team!


Hello everyone! My name is Georgian Parkes and this summer I have the pleasure of returning as Goulbourn Museum’s Programming Assistant!

Last year I really enjoyed participating in Goulbourn’s outreach initiatives and activities–it was great to meet the community and see what the museum means to them! I really appreciate the unique experiences and perspectives museums have to offer, and have focused on public engagement throughout my past work. In fact, I recently presented a lecture about education and engagement strategies in museum contexts to the Archaeological Institute of America (Ottawa Chapter)! This summer, I hope to continue building my skills and sharing my passions by finding new ways to make our local history interesting and accessible for a broad audience.

Other than programming, I also have experience working on projects involving social media, cataloguing, and exhibit development! In June, I’ll be graduating with a Joint Honours BA in English Literature and History from the University of Ottawa, where I volunteer at the Museum of Classical Antiquities.


I consider myself very artistic and love to do amateur photography! I often take images for inspiration so I can go home and recreate them!


Hello! I am Rebecca, originally from the limestone city of Kingston, Ontario. I moved to Ottawa to study for my honours undergraduate degree in Architectural Conservation and Sustainability. I am currently in between my 3rd and 4th year at Carleton University. As the Collections Management Assistant at Goulbourn Museum, I’m excited to learn more about heritage and artefact collections. In my degree, I work with historic sites and buildings and want to learn more about the past communities that would have built or inhabited these buildings.

When I entered my degree, I knew nothing about heritage and historic sites. I wanted to learn more about sustainable architecture, but as I learned about heritage, historic sites and conservation, I fell in love with it. Now today, I am trying to learn more about heritage and the ways it impacts us, as well as how we can use historic buildings to help create a more sustainable future. After I finish my degree, I hope to work towards becoming a licensed architect by doing my master’s in architecture.


If I’m not working away on my studies, you’ll often find me trying out every sport I can get into. So far, I’ve played 16 different sports in my 20 years of living, and I hope to try more in the future. Currently, I’m learning how to boulder, but my main sports are hockey, sailing and soccer.