We’re welcoming Miriam Tepper to our team as our Program Coordinator!


I am pleased to be joining the Goulbourn Museum as their program coordinator. Everyone is so friendly, helpful, and supportive and I am glad to be working with them. Over the next four months, I look forward to contributing to the museum and the Goulbourn community. Hopefully, the resources and lessons I develop will be enriching and enjoyable for the museum’s participants over the course of next year.

I have an MSc. in museum studies from the University of Leicester and have worked in the museum field since 2018. Since my mother introduced me to museums as a child, I have volunteered at various institutions since I was 12, both in science and heritage. It is exciting to be working with a new museum and learning its history, mandate, and about the community it serves.

I am an avid gardener. I started my own butterfly garden 17 years ago and it has expanded since then. Seventy-four plants grow in it, and 3/4ths are native species. I have also salvaged and maintained gardens that were neglected at other heritage museums. In addition to the butterfly garden, I have worked on herb gardens, ornamental gardens, and vegetable gardens. Local wildflowers are an interest of mine, and I am able to identify and name most of them.