Please join us in welcoming our three summer employees: Kyle Judd Lundt, Stefan Hiratsuka, and Georgian Parkes. We’re excited for you to read all about them and for the adventures we’ll have together as a team this summer!

Kyle Judd Lundt, Collections Assistant

Hi all, my name is Kyle Judd Lunt!

I’m a student at Queen’s University, where I study history and classics. I especially focus on the history of the Atlantic and the whole wild and terrible world of colonization. I’ve had the good fortune to join the Goulbourn Museum for the summer of 2022! I’ll be working as the Collections Assistant — taking part in the gruelling but gratifying process of helping everyone access our collections online. As a local to the Goulbourn area, I’ve grown up with the Museum as a fixture of the community and can’t wait to contribute what I can!

I hope to be able to help expand access to documents and artefacts that are too often hidden from view! I’m also hoping to work with the people of Goulbourn and especially local Indigenous communities to help make the collection accessible and respectful of all.

In my own time, I love to take part in reading and writing fiction, woodworking, sewing, and learning anything else creative!

Fun Fact: My family was among the very first settlers to arrive in Montreal!

Stefan Hiratsuka, Assistant Museum Administrator

Hi there! I’m Stefan Hiratsuka, and some of you may remember me from my previous work as the collections intern here at Goulbourn Museum. It is my absolute pleasure to have been offered the opportunity to continue my time at the Museum in the role of Assistant Museum Administrator where I will be helping share the story of Goulbourn.

Stefan, holding his dog KitkatMy academic background is in history; I hold an Hons BA from the University of Ottawa with a specialization in history and a minor in classical studies, as well as a diploma from the Applied Museum Studies Program offered by Algonquin College. I love any and all things historical so I am very excited to be onboard and sharing that passion with the community.

In my free time I love fishing, gardening, reading, playing Animal Crossing, playing guitar, and hanging out with my doggos.

Fun fact: My favorite type of dog is the Papillon like my rugged and brave friend Kitkat.

Georgian Parkes, Programming Assistant

Hello everyone! My name is Georgian, and I am a student at the University of Ottawa studying history and English literature. As those fields might suggest, I am particularly interested in social and cultural history.

Originally when I went into university I thought I would go on to obtain a teaching degree (actually, I was one of those kids who always thought they would go into teaching). After my first year however, I had the opportunity to work at the Callander Bay Heritage Museum and Gallery, and I have been hooked on museums ever since!

For me, museums are really special because they approach education from a different perspective than a formal classroom. I am really passionate about helping other people learn and making information interesting and engaging. On that note, I’m thrilled to be part of Goulbourn’s educational team as the Programming Assistant – looking forward to a summer of fun events!

Fun Fact: I am distantly related to the famous painter Sir John Everret Millais, and I have sold some of my own artwork as well.