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Letters from the Front – Part 6

Throughout the month of November we will be posting excerpts from a selection of wartime correspondence between Pte. Sefton Stewart of the 77th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, and his family in Richmond, Ontario.  The complete letters will be on display at the Stittsville Public Library in the Museum’s exhibit honouring Goulbourn in wartime.

This is letter number six:

Somewhere in France – September 22, 1916

Dear Mother:

                Received your letter written Sept. 5th the other day, being very glad to hear from you all.  Today I got letters from Clystal, Jonathan and Austin Dilworth.

                I suppose George is back from the Fair.  If he went, I hope he made out good; anyway it would be a good time for him.  I am writing this in a dugout on my knees.  By the time you receive this, the Richmond fair will be over.  Hope there is fine weather for it.  It has been very wet here lately, making the trenches very muddy and miserable.

                We are now unable to send mail regularly as we were before.  As you know, it has to be censored by our own officers.  How did Pa and George get along with the grain?  There must have been a splendid crop on the six acres.

                They are now holding the Germans down very good but they are sure hardy guys.  There is great talk of the war being over by Xmas, so they are rushing things at all points.

                I am sure that Eric would have a splendid trip west, together with the other Richmond lads.  How are Channon and Willie getting along?

                You mentioned in your last letter about Sam McFee’s brother getting shot in the leg being an accident, but it wasn’t.  It was a bullet from a machine gun that hit him while out working.

                I hear Miss Cowell is Evyleen’s teacher, also George’s.  Did you ever get my old 77thbadges which I sent just before leaving Bramshott?  If sending any underwear, send full length.  You were talking of sending money.  Well, we can get Canadian money exchanged here.

                Must close for now.

Best love to all,
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