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Letters from the Front – Part 5

Throughout the month of November we will be posting excerpts from a selection of wartime correspondence between Pte. Sefton Stewart of the 77th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, and his family in Richmond, Ontario.  The complete letters will be on display at the Stittsville Public Library in the Museum’s exhibit honouring Goulbourn in wartime.

This is letter number five:

The complete letters from Pte. Sefton Stewart are on display at the Stittsville Library.

August 25, 1916
Dear Grandfather,

Received your letter August 23rd, being very much pleased to hear from you.  I suppose on hearing of us in Belgium will be a surprise to you.  Our visit in England was much shorter than I expected.  We are now over in France and Belgium about two weeks.
On this front they seem to be holding the Germans very well, but things have been quite quiet lately.  The other day, they put over a number of large shells around our quarters, not doing much harm.  The report of these large guns was hard on the nerves at first but we are getting used to it.  Already there have been five killed and several wounded out of our Battalion.  I suppose you think well of the Scottish Battalion.
Have you been down home lately? I think you should go down and keep mother company.  You are already aware that we can’t give any information that would put anybody wise to our situation…
Best love,
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