Museum to Launch New Digitization Station During Doors Open

Do you have a box of old family photos or delicate handwritten letters you’re trying your best to safeguard for the next generation? Goulbourn Museum can help! 

During the Doors Open weekend on June 1st and 2nd, the Museum will be launching a new digitization station in its History Centre. Visit and learn how to conserve your family history and find out what’s available for you at the Museum to digitize and preserve your personal collections.

“Goulbourn Museum is working to improve the accessibility of its collections using digitization techniques and transcription. But preserving community heritage extends beyond the Museum’s walls,” says Goulbourn Museum’s Registrar Sarah Holla. 

The Museum’s “Archiving Goulbourn” project is an effort to digitize local heritage and make it publicly accessible for family historians and researchers. “Between the publications on the shelves and the community’s digitized collections on the computer, the History Centre is going to be an active community reference collection.”

Holla says the Museum has the technology and the staff to help families preserve their own family collections. “We can show them how to digitize letters and can give advice on how to preserve their photos at home.” The process will also help the Museum expand its knowledge of local history. 

“We would love to have the opportunity to learn about people’s stories! And, if they are interested in sharing, building the Museum’s community reference materials,” she says.

Visitors can learn more about the new digitization station on Saturday, June 1st and Sunday, June 2nd from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

If you would like more information, email: [email protected]