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From the Collection – Artefact from WWI

This military headdress and cap badge belonged to a member of the 38th Battalion during the First World War. Popularly known as the 38th “Ottawa” or the “Royal Ottawas” this Battalion was organized in 1914 as an infantry battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force.

The 38th saw action in numerous battles including the Somme, Vimy, Ypres, and Passchendaele and was awarded an amazing 299 individual decorations for bravery during the war. The 38th returned home to Ottawa in June of 1919 and the unit was demobilized, having nearly 4,000 officers and non-commissioned members passing through its ranks between its arrival in France, August 1916, and the armistice in November 1918.

Following the war the history and honours of the 38th Battalion would be perpetuated by the 43rd Regiment, keeping their heritage alive as they continue on to this day as The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa.

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