Rural School Fair Plaque

A plaque awarded to the School Section No4 for winning three years in a row, from 1923-1925.

Barn Door Lock Mechanism

A wood and iron barn door lock and an iron key used in Richmond.

This lock mechanism was once installed on a barn door in Ashton to prevent trespassers from stealing corn.

Goulbourn North Pole Flag

This Goulbourn Township flag was used during an expedition to the North Pole in 1999!

What is a Collections Working Group (CWG)?

This group of volunteers guides community history preservation at Goulbourn Museum. Volunteers form a panel representing the voice of the community and review all donations to the Museum’s permanent artefact and working collections. The experience and knowledge of volunteers informs each donation’s historic significance in relation to the community’s story. 

The group is also responsible for reevaluating existing donations, ensuring permanent artefact and working collections meet the current vision, mission and mandate of the Goulbourn Museum. As stewards of public trust, the Museum acquires, documents and preserves collections for future generations. As we continue to grow and learn about our community’s shared heritage, collections are reevaluated for continued relevance. This panel of volunteers use their diverse experience and knowledge to make informed decisions about removing objects from the Museum’s collections.

Volunteers will include:

● Individuals who have lived experience with communities that have been historically underrepresented in cultural institutions (for example; Indigenous communities, people of colour, persons with disabilities, etc.)

● Those with an interest in advancing collections development

● Those with a connection to culture, individuals, or locations relevant to the area of the former Goulbourn Township before, during, and after its incorporation. This includes the communities of Stittsville, Richmond, Ashton, Munster Hamlet, Hazeldean, Glen Cairn, Mansfield, Stanley Corners, Stapledon, and Dwyer Hill.


The group includes 20 community volunteer positions as well as three spaces held by Directors of the Corporation. Volunteers will be contacted two weeks in advance of the meeting date. The first four community volunteers and the first Director who express interest in participating will form the review panel. 

The Goulbourn Museum’s collection’s team will provide a Chairperson to guide the meeting. 

Meetings will be held in person at the Goulbourn Museum or online using video conferencing software. Meeting frequency will be determined by the quantity of potential donations and/or deaccessions. Scheduling will accommodate availability of different members and meetings are capped at 90 minutes in duration.


Volunteers are selected based on interest in collections development at Goulbourn Museum, their volunteer application, and interview process. Members will be invited to reapply after a period of two years. Directors of the Corporation will be invited by the Museum’s Manager or delegate.

How can I get involved?

To get involved or for more information please contact us at [email protected] or click the button below to fill out a contact form and begin the application process!


Supporting Documents

CWG Terms of Reference PDF