Thank you for trusting the Goulbourn Museum with your stories. There are several considerations when making or accepting a donation:

  • Does it have a compelling story?
  • Does it fit within our collections mandate?
  • Do you own it and are you able to transfer ownership to the Museum?
  • Do we already have one of these?
  • Will it fit in our limited storage space?
  • Is it something that can be used in a program, exhibition, or for research?
  • Will we be able to properly care for it?

Space is always a critical resource to a Museum, and we unfortunately cannot always accept a donated item if it does not meet our criteria listed above.

All potential donations are reviewed by a volunteer panel called the Collections Working Group (CWG). Informed by the knowledge, lived experiences, and different perspectives of the CWG volunteers we critically evaluate all donations to the Museum’s permanent artefact collections.

If your donation is accepted, staff will assist you with the formal transfer of ownership, accreditations, and tax receipt if required. With those all complete, your object becomes an artefact in the Goulbourn Museum collections.

Please call the Museum or email us to discuss your options.